Grace United Methodist Church, Merritt Island, Florida

Jesus breaking bread for his disciples.

Andrew recounting his experiences with Jesus.

James amazed at Jesus's miracles.

James the Lesser remembering when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

Judas wondering if Jesus knows what he has done.

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The Living Last Supper is a living dramatization recreating Leonardo da Vinci's "THE LAST SUPPER" painting, with lighting, sound and music. The twelve apostles speak their minds to themselves, to each other and to the Lord in the light of the words, which they have just heard Jesus speak, "I will not be with you much longer, and one of you will betray me."

The Living Last Supper was written by Ernest K. Emurian and premiered in the Elm Avenue Methodist Church in Portmouth, Verginia in 1954 as a communion service.

The living Last Supper Team performing at Grace
Click on picture above for video of excerpts from program. (10 mins)

The Grace, Living Last Supper team was made up of 28 church members. There were 13 actors and 15 support staff which included a director, makeup team, technical team, costumes and props staff.

They only performed this program during Lent each year. They performed this service for 16 years at Grace, always on Maundy Thursday. They performed the program for other churchs, retirement homes and prisons for the last 14 years. Their last performance was on Maunday Thursday, April 21, 2011 at Grace United Methodist Church.

If you are interested in starting this program at your church, contact
Dave McCoy at 321-543-6410.

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